WildWatch North Pennines EM3 Project

Would you like to find out more about the bats in your local area and contribute to the recording of bats across the North Pennines AONB?

The WildWatch EM3 Bat Project aims to conduct bat surveys across the North Pennines AONB and needs volunteers to help. By utilising advances in technology in recording and analysing bat calls anyone can take part, no prior experience of bat surveying required.

We have set up three lending centres across the North Pennines AONB where you can borrow a datalogging bat detector. Simply borrow a bat detector, follow the simple operating instructions and walk a transect on the footpaths around your house or anywhere else you’re interested in. Return the bat detector and swap over the memory card. The memory card is posted off for analysis and within a couple of weeks you’ll receive a map showing where you recorded bats and what species.

The project was launched in April 2014 and we had a really successful first field season with volunteers conducting over 50 transects and gathering over 4500 records (bat passes). We are pleased to announce that we have secured some extra funding from ERIC NE and will be operating the lending centres again in 2015.