Paragon Ecology have a wealth of experience carrying out crayfish surveys and research, this is coupled to experience in the interpretation of survey findings, making assessments of population status and mitigation stratergies. We are able to provide baseline surveys, population assessment, mitigation planning and implementation and translocation.

All crayfish work undertaken by Paragon Ecology is led by D. Bubb who holds a Natural England licence for white-clawed crayfish.

Dr Damian. Bubb is an expert in the ecology of the white clawed crayfish. His Ph.D.1 investigated the spatial ecology of white-clawed and signal crayfish and he has published a number of peer reviewed papers on crayfish ecology2,3,4,5.

Dr. Bubb has a large amount of experience of utilising all main crayfish survey techniques (manual searching, trapping and night-view) and of assessing the most appropriate method to use. Dr. Bubb has lead research on both white-clawed and signal crayfish across several catchments in Northern England. This has included making assessments of site condition and population status and distribution.


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